Rich web-based DaaS possible by bridging web services to rich applications via Open Source Ulteo


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DaaS and AaaS to bridge the gap between Desktops and SaaS

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Not many years from now, we will see a mash-up of AaaS and SaaS. DaaS will move from the traditional meaning of a Desktop as a Service to the browser really becoming the Desktop and serving as the interface to various combinations of AaaS and SaaS.

It must be something about the comfort feeling of running Desktops - even as virtual machines or containers which keeps the traditional DaaS solution or concept alive.

The reality is - it doesn't make sense. What makes sense is to analysea company's usage of Desktops, applications, web and mobile and provide a bundled solution that caters to this usage in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. This would see a number of Desktop environments being reduced to a simple browser experience, with some applications delivered on-demand via applets (AaaS) and a majority of activity shifting to web-based apps (SaaS). Even if it is internal only, the SaaS model still stands for its extensibility.

So, with technologies like Ulteo (and more expensively, Citrix), we will see the shift towards SaaS and supported by AaaS where necessary and traditional DaaS as a last option.

Nonetheless, the file storage will be in "The Cloud" as will be the email, calendar, BI, ERP, CRM and any other useful acronym you can think of.

Again, as we have often said, this all adds to the drift away from Microsoft as a necessary base and becomes a fringe requirement in server-based AaaS - office in Containers delivered by Ulteo and accessed via Chrome or Firefox (or Safari for you Mac people!)