Mobile Devices will themselves create the future Mobile Network


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3G is old news - 4G is where to place your bets....

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1. Focus on emerging 4G carrier and device manufacturer opportunities. The 3G space already has the large players (who are struggling to keep up with the plethora of 3G devices). While 4G - specifically WiMax and LTE, is new and there are no incumbents with advantages.

Funambol will be one of the first 4G DM implementations.

2. 4G networks are essentially just large IP networks. This drastically simplifies the DM feature requirements down to FOTA, DM Tree Management, Bootstrapping, Provisioning, Diagnostics, and Lock&Wipe. The rest is not necessary for 4G network device management any more and have become obsolete features.

3. Most importantly!: Handset life cycle is 6 - 12 months at the most. After that time the operator is selling a newer model. This put immense pressure on the DM Software vendor to deliver and support new devices very rapidly. Traditional software development life cycles can not respond fast enough to keep up with the rapidly evolving handset life cycle. Open source code is the ONLY way to put the power of rapid response in the hands of the operator or device manufacturer. This is the most important requirement of DM moving into the future. It does not really matter what a DM vendor claims it can support today. Its really all about if they have the framework in place to add new devices/features very rapidly to respond to the market.
This makes the Funambol approach the only solution capable of responding fast enough.
4. Standards and Scalability have become key to successful DM implementations in the Smartphone space. Smartphone usage has grown to encompass massive downloads and OS upgrades on an unprecedented scale that is hammering all the operators networks. A scalable, distributable, standards-based solution is the only way to effectively manage this growing data management problem on the operator network. The problem/demand will only continue to grow.