Subs are a solution to combat all the negative aspects of oil, pharmaceuticals and other products proving to have negative impact on humanity.

Predominantly, it is a weapon to fight against the root cause of all wars and unethical practices and the human dependence and greed associated with such products.

This is a call to arms to the world's citizens to fight together to remove our dependence on these products and reduce their value and thereby rid ourselves of the evil that has attached itself to them.

Products and their producers will be publicly listed once we have gathered scientifically or otherwise verifiable proof that the products do harm.

Product Strategy

Product Vision: 

We will generate Subs that get paid to anyone that buys or consumes a substitute product.

There will be many opportunities for everyone to get involved, from creating apps, devices, solutions, services and products.

We are looking for champions to help us save humanity.

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels has many benefits, such as for the ecosystem, for innocent people do not killed in senseless wars.

Product Opportunity: 

Stopping wars.

Saving the environment.

Providing healthy substitute products and services.

Product Roadmaps: 


Wednesday, 26 April, 2017
Who What Why How: 


The World's Citizens


Subs remuneration for substituting nasty products and related or derived products.


To rid the human dependency and greed related to nasty products.


Providing incentives and substitutes with immediate benefits for all.
Product Overview: 

Target Audience: 

End Users




A digital currency that provides Subs to replace nasty product consumption.
Product Initiatives: 


Establish Subs System


Developing the Subs system will be the basis of providing the benefits to everyone to steer towards a better world.


Not Started

Date From: 

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 23:30 to Wednesday, 31 May, 2017 - 23:30