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Apple Facetime to battle with Google, Skype, MSN and Facebook..

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Apple has provided their Facetime software and service with their devices.

They haven't played it up so much - but with the latest iPad2 - it gets a bit more spiced-up with the front and back cameras - allowing for an expanded visual experience.

Well - look out Google, MSN and Facebook! Apple is surely looking at their Facetime system and service to be THE platform to be the dominating one in the market - in the medium to long run.

The way they see it is simple. Facebook only has a domain and is just a website. Same as Google and MSN.

Apple have that AND the devices used by hundreds of millions - eventually billions of people..these will eventually be organically connecting with each other wirelessly - p2p - completing the physical part of the social network..

In one way, it sounds sexy as hell - but this was also Apple's mind-set when they brought out their first Mac computers. Jobs was ahead of the actual technology at that time, though. Now the technology has caught up to Jobs and his company of creative creatures - and they are on a roll...

They won't be opening up their API any more than they do now - they want strict quality controls in place - no nasty porn popping up to mess with their service..openly, anyway.

Will this and some super cool features make up (some of) the next big mysterious Apple release?

Have they covered enough of the device categories? Music, Movies, Productivity, Graphics and creativity, games, TV...and all the add-on peripheral devices..

Of course a company like MS or Google could buy up a bunch of hardware companies - they already invest in many anyway. Does their strategy of allowing any company to make devices and software for their platform - with very open APIs make more sense than a tightly controlled Apple model? The numbers show a lot of activity with Android - and the slow-burner makers and pre-historic carriers have surely gotten excited by it. Apple's numbers are not slowing down either..

So, the market will eventually be saturated with a number of variously sized and shaped smart phones, tablets and slim PCs. Android-based devices vs. Apple-based devices will define the countenance of our immediate future and interaction with others - except for the good old fashion human-2-human, face-2-face, in-person connection.

Microsoft sided with Nokia recently may will be left in the dust. How could Nokia let a former MS executive become the CEO of one of the largest mobile companies in history? Simply missed all the important mobile-related messages creeping up? Needing MS funding? Also considering that MS has been flailing and failing with mobile for the past 10 years?! Well, at least - for them - they still have a couple years left in Office - and thus Windows..

By the way - Apple don't call the iPad a tablet. It is not a tablet. It is an iPad...

The FTC Picks up on Facial Recognition for consumer protection..

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Researchers, industry representatives, consumer advocates, and privacy professionals will take part in the upcoming workshop, "Face Facts: A Forum on Facial Recognition Technology" to be held December 8, 2011 at the FTC Conference Center at 601 New Jersey Ave. N.W. in Washington, D.C.

Google+ now has facial recongition features...

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Google+ now has a feature that allows you to enable it to recognise your face in content loaded into Google+. If you view a photo posting from someone else - it will ask you if you want to enable this feature. One can assume then that it will zoom through the whole web to check your face to all the zillions of photos posted into Google+ and all its affiliated sites - that also now come under one privacy policy...