2000-06-07 - The Boeing TT Report - Washington

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"Sir, here is a report sent from the CIA who have been tracking some escalating chatter related to potential attacks," Military Security Specialist, Dean Jones said as he entered Donald Rumsfield's office.

"Thank you Dean, just drop it on my desk. How are the preparations coming along?"

"Excellent, Sir. The men are in top shape, and the war games are playing out very swiftly. It is feasible that we could have 30,000 troops deployed within 3 months to any strike zone in the world."

"Very good. Keep up the excellent work, son."

With that, Dean left the room and Rumsfield got off the sofa, putting down the newspaper.
He was very eager to read this report - but didn't want to show it lest someone could read anything from his body language that would give away any piece of his secret strategies - for he waited daily for these juicy tid-bits of information from which he could build strategies around.

He was brought on for one job - and that was to take America and Americans to places nobody else wanted to go. To do things others were too afraid to consider - let alone actually initiate.

He wasn't too sure of what his exact calling in life would be, but he knew it involved his patriotic role in what he knew as the greatest country on Earth.

As he began reading the report, his mind starting whizzing with ideas, potentials, open-ends, closed-ends, options, non-options, linking what was in memory with what he was now seeing.

Bush wanted Iraq - clearly to finish off what his father had started. In their circle, to accomplish that would be one of their greatest achievements and would forever seal their names into the history books - and for Bush, into his father's pride.

Thus it was that many leads, connections and strategies somehow tried to sway towards Iraq and Oil and the swarm of angry Arabs out there. Always good to have targets in place. Even better to have targets that nobody understands - keeps a nice grey area between the masses and the realities and non-realities.

...TT...Boeing...Khalid...cells...these words were not new, except TT, but the combination was tantalising.

"Boeing equals big. I like big, " Rumsfield was thinking to himself. "The bigger they are, the bigger the strategy. The more powerful our approach and the grander our success. Success of what, I am not sure, yet...hmmm.."

It was like this that Rumsfield would contemplate things within his own mind, as in the end, he would probably be the only one man who knew all the reasons why - and he would  share only what needed to be shared. In the background - in his own mind - the real reasons for the connections of the plots, sub-plots and sub-sub-plots would only be for him.

"Hijacking a Boeing airplane...nothing new there, " he thought, "..but why is the good question...TT..that is the why. I need to know exactly what this is all about."

With that he called the Agency and ordered them to send the authors of this report to him - immediately - and not to discuss with anyone, anything.
His words were and always would be adhered to - Rumsfield was not the kind of guy you wanted against you - especially if you have dreams and aspirations in the American military, security or espionage agencies.

Within an hour, the two authors of the report found themselves face-to-face with legendary Donald Rumsfield.

"Men, I have asked you here today for a special reason. I have read your report just delivered today. It is good work and well that you put it together - albeit minimal in actual content. But that will change, gentlemen, because I am giving you a special mission. I want you to work with me alone - and report to me alone - and I want you to focus 100% of your energies on following these leads. I want to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Khalid and I want to know what the hell TT is and what the connection to Boeing is. Do you follow me men?"

"Yes, Sir," they replied together.

"Ease up boys. I need you to be working with me in sync - I want a daily report, handed to me personally by either of you - only. This is highly confidential - so you don't even want to think about it while you are suckling on your girlfriends titties or on the booze with your mates. Do I make myself 100% clear on this?"

"Yes, Sir, understood, Sir, " they replied in unison.

"Sir," Jack began, "may we know what the reason for this special interest is, Sir?"

"National Security, gentlemen. Nothing less. I like it that you have curiosity - but I want that focused on your hunt for every goddamned piece of information about these buggers. I expect a full report tomorrow morning - leave nothing out."

With that, he excused the men and explained to his staff and security that these two men would have direct walk-through access to his office.

"Now, we are going to get to the bottom of this and see what we can make of it. Khalid, my friend, you are going to be a star..."