2000-06-05 - The 9/11 chatter begins

Submitted by saloob on Tue, 12/08/2009 - 13:12


"Jack, check this out. Another stream about the Boeing and TT..," Communications Specialist, Agent Tucker, said.

"...our number one target...awaken the cells..move to intiate plan, 'Boeing TT'...jeezus, what could these buggers be up to. Did you get a trace on that email?"

"I got as far as a cloaked network, but it is on Google Email, so when we have a bit more to go on, we will try and get a court order to access this account and track it's history. Here, check this one - there are some names being used.."

America's leading espionage teams had been following numerous email, phone and document trails which all seemed to be leading to some definite plans to attack either Boeing airplanes or "some place" code-named TT.

"What is the result of feeding those names into the system?," Jack Ingles asked.

"It has found a number of related entries, some email, some phone conversations. All within the last 2 months. When we work out what the TT means, I am sure we will be able to get some locations and get the guys to grab these buggers."

"TT...Titanic? T&T as for explosives? Twin Towers? Target Territory? Train Team? But I can't see the connection to the other bits of information. And what would Boeing have to do with all of this. Let's write the intial report and send it over to Tom."

And so, the first report that would begin piecing together the trail that would lead to one of Amerca's most notorious attacks within its borders had begun.